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H.A.R. Gibb (ed. & transl.)

Dance as prayer, Luristan, Northern Iraq

Gibb, H.A.R. (ed. & transl.): "Dance as prayer, Luristan, Northern Iraq", Tradition & Art 071, p. 9 , Athens, I.O.F.A., September – October 2003. From the book: The travels of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354. Cambridge, Hakluyt Society, 1962, 2 vols.

Dance as prayer, Luristan, Northern Iraq

In that same year he died, and his son Atäbek Yüsuf ruled for ten years, and after that his brother Afräsiyäb. When I entered the city of Īdhaj I wished to see this sultan Afräsiyäb, but that was not easily come by as he goes out only on Fridays, owing to his addiction to wine. He had one son and one only, who was his designated heir, and who fell ill at this time. On a certain night one of his servants came to me and made enquiries of me about myself; when I told him he went away and came back later after the sunset prayer, bringing with him two great platters, one with food and the other with fruit, and a pouch containing money. Accompanying him were musicians with their instruments and he said to them ‘Make music, so that these poor brethren will dance and pray for the Sultan’s son.’ I said to him, ‘My associates have no knowledge of either music or dancing,’ but we prayed for the sultan and his son, and I divided the money among the poor brethren. In the middle of the night we heard cries and lamentations, for the sick boy had died.

Gibb, H.A.R. (ed. & transl.)


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